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developer public
Name:Jože Klepec (m)
company / project:i18n
Birthday:Feb 17 1971
Job status:free
Country:Golnik, Slovenia
Google Maps
1. Killing pyrated OS\'s with free OS like fedora core.
2. Planica of course. In 1990 I predicted a skiflight of 220m which shortly became true.
3. Potica of course :) (Slovenian national dish), especially pehtranova potica (tarragon potica) or rožičeva potica (carob\'s potica), both with raisinins. As far as I know, potica exists in several variations per slovenian housewife. ;)
Don't likes:
1. Spam.
2. Phishing of all sorts of material. (wrong citation/miscitation, copy-paste-writing, ).
3. Piracy of all sorts.
4. Internet phishing.
5. Modern social networks aka retro neoidiots. Should I be polite at all with those?
Slovenian of course, Croatian, English, German, Serbian, Macedonian (a little) and some other in learning process.
Feel free to write me also in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. I can understand also some writing in Russian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech and other Slavic languages. Also I can understand a little bit of Swedish, Danish and some writing from Nederlands will be also understood.
Programming languages:
pascal/delphi, C/C++, several years of dBase clones (FoxPro, Clipper), knowledge of POVRay modelling language 3.6+, modestly speaking basics of html and xml plus some .
Favourite quote:
You can always improve what you have already done if you carefully listen to the audience. (by myself)
Favourite music:
Je ne regrette rien (Piaf)
Satisfaction (Laibach)

Other measure of quality:
1. Needs a quality text. That is, a poem with some sense in a row.
2. Needs quality notes, no trichord shit.
3. Text accompanied together with well played rhytm, solo and good basses. If small chorus behind, the better.
Favourite tv shows:
Bed=1/3 of the missed time for the TV shows.
Computer=The worst alternative to bed, food and TV set.
Facebook=see TV.
Family=Can I afford it?
Fast food=Something to eat when you don\'t want to cook while watching TV.
Food=As you obviously don\'t like too cook, see also Fast food and discover why you eat junk.
Games=see TV.
House=A small concrete brick on loan.
Internet=see TV.
Loan=One for TV set, one for house, one for fast food.
Nature=What is this?
Mobile=see TV.
Road=see TV.
Twitter=see TV.
TV=mostly waste of time.
TV set=An apparatus to watch TV shows, also on loan and runs on electricity which is also on loan.
Water=Something to drink a hundred years ago from the river, now to brush the teeth only and at incredibly high price.
Favourite movies:
None very favourite.
I only disregard the big production and like small production and older movies, that\'s all.

Small is beatiful.
Favourite books:
All fundamental in a way:
Ikarjev sen (Srečko Kosovel; SI; Ikar\'s Dream; poetry)
1984 (George Orwell; 1984; SI; EN;
back to the (near) future; \"Big Brother is watching you!\" - the rolling eyes on the Big Brother\'s poster really roll behind you. Very sarcastic criticism of Great Britain and especially it\'s military services (MI5, MI6) before WWII.),
4000: Času primerna povest iz prihodnjih dob (Ivan Tavčar; 4000: A Time Convenient Tale From Future Ages; SI; Older sci fi classic with similar roots as 1984, but much older (1870).
Writer is by Ariel brought back to life on his own wish he had last before he died.
Far in the future he in city of Emona sadly recognizes his beloved Ljubljana. Everything is under command & total control of Catholic Church. Science is dogmatic, for instance. Everything is run as it was under Roman Empire. )
Kaos (J. Gleick; Chaos; SI; EN; main idea: A butterfly wing stroke in Beijing can cause a tornado on the other side of the Earth.),
Človek proti naravi (F. Avčin; Human Against Nature; SI; Explains how poisoning and exhausting nature will affect future generations. Sadly, author was more than 200% correct.),
Kakteje (F.Vardjan; Cactuses; SI; Early work written in similar manner as Avčin\'s, strict natural manure and maximum copper / ferrum spraying solutions. Late issues were spoiled by commercializing, natural recipes vanished (grounds, spraying soulutions, new coworkers,...).),
Vrtno zelenjadarstvo (F. Vardjan; Garden Vegetables; SI; Ibid commentarium.),
Leksikon rastlinskih bogastev (T. Petauer; Lexicon of Nature\'s Wealth; SI),
Het Grote Doe Het Zelf Boek (T. Pochert; The Big Do It Yourself Book; NL),
Izdelajmo sami (Franz Kießling; SI; (Original - DE: Das große Ravensburger Werkbuch); EN; The Big Ravensburger Workbook),
Favourite games:
On computer: tetris, freeciv, kiriki.
Otherwise: chess, tarock, rummy, kanasta, patience. Lately I found skat good as I was discovering the history of tarock.
About me:
As you can see from my favourite books, I hate being overcontrolled.
I do alpha testing if it is possible. I like it a lot, especially for Fedora, so don\'t send other distro software if it is not very interesting. I do know something about installing from .rpm, .deb and .tar.gz packages, so please don\'t instruct me unless strictly necessary.
Email:Contact thinkmaster
Messenger: none, for security
Messenger 2: none, for security
Messenger 3: none, for security
Registered:Sep 5 2009
Last visit:Mar 24 2013
My PC:
All PCs since 1990 since first 286 AT self-constructed or self-planned except my laptop. Currently:
AMD Athlon XP 2200+ with 1.2GB RAM & 200GB HDD. Officially two machines on the Linux counter (KIBLA1, KIBLA2 alias KIBLA3 (eth0,1)) - this record is old.
Operating System:
Fedora Linux three of eight PCs (one replaces Win7, other Win98, the third direct install). Very often downloading using rawhide repo and classic yum.

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Sep 5 2009 13:30thinkmaster registered at "KDE-Look.org"

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